Welcome to Naras Investments (Pty) Ltd

Mission Statement

Naras Investment (PTY) Ltd is an integrated and diversified Namibian company.  Being a multidisciplinary group of companies, active in various sectors of the national economy, Naras Investment is well established.  Its ability to undertake comprehensive and complex range of multisectoral projects and to find innovative implementation strategies and financing solutions has earned the group a leading national reputation.
Main Fields of Business Activities
Project Planning and Development
Property and Development
Fishing, Mari-culture and Aqua-culture farming
Value Addition and fish and commodity trading
Financial Services

Foreword by the Executive Chairman

Under Apartheid colonialism, Namibians were ruthlessly and brutally exploited.  After a long liberation struggle, Namibia finally gained independence from Apartheid South Africa in 1990.  With independence achieved, the newly elected government was faced with the task of establishing democratic and legal framework aimed at taking Namibia into the next century.

Having laid the foundations of one of the most successful of the Sub-Saharan democracies, Namibia is now concentrating on economic development through the empowerment of its entire diverse population.
From the onset, the newly elected Namibian Government endorsed the governing Party Policy of National Reconciliation, thus fostering national unity and cohesion.
The constitution (which is the supreme law) bears witness to the vision of the founders of the Republic of Namibia.
Article 98, Principles of Economic Order states that:
The economic order of Namibia shall be based on the principles of a mixed economy with the objective of securing economic growth, prosperity and life of human dignity for all Namibians.
The Namibian economy shall be based, entirely, on the following forms of ownership:
2.1) Public
2.2) Private
2.3) Joint Public & Private
2.4) Cooperative
2.5) Co-ownership
2.6) Small Scale Family
This offers vast opportunities to Namibians and foreigners alike, to conduct business in Namibia, as the playing field in the business environment has been leveled.  For the first time, a legal and just policy towards doing business in Namibia has been designed in such a manner as to give equal opportunities to all Namibians and ample opportunities to foreign investors alike.
The original shareholders of Naras Investment saw this new arising opportunity and registered the company in November 1991.  The company is privately owned and has no political, religious or racial affiliation, although it was initiated by members from the previously disadvantaged section of the population.  The shareholders of the company are from various backgrounds reflecting the worthy cultural diversity of the Namibian society.
Naras Investment (Pty) Ltd is a multi faced sectoral business group.   It business entrepreneurship in the following sectors are Property Development and Management, Fishing, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Trading etc.

Festus Naholo - Execuitve Chairman


After completing his secondary study at the Agustinium College in Windhoek, Mr Festus Naholo obtained a three year Diploma in Theology at the Paulineum Otjimbingwe. He further obtained a Diploma in Political Economy at Moscow. 

Mr Festus Naholo is a veteran of the liberation struggle for Namibian Independence. He is the founding Executive Chairman of Naras Investment (Pty) Ltd, and serves as a Director on various Companies.  


Mr. Festus Naholo – Executive Chairman
Mr. Ernst August Kubirske – Director
Mrs. Lineekela Hamutumwa – Director
Mrs. Pashukeni Shoombe – Director
Dr. Iyambo Indongo – Director

Mr. U.S. /Gaoseb – Director

Attorneys:  Metcalfe Legal Practitioners  I  Weder Dr Kauta & Hoveka
Bankers:  Bank Windhoek  I  Standard Bank
Auditors: BDO Spencer Steward
Company Secretaries: Keller & Neuhaus

Ernst A. Kubirske
*  Director of Finance and Planning
*  Mr Kubirske is from the legal background
*  He serves on the Board of various companies and Board of the Church, School and Sport

Hon. Pashukeni Shoombe
*  Director of Gender of Namibia and many other companies
*  Retired M.P.
*  A former member of the Central Committee of SWAPO of Namibia
*  A former leader of Pan African Women Organisation and an
*  Executive Member of SWAPO Woman Council and a Central Committee Member of SWAPO Party.
*  Honourable Shoombe is a teacher by profession and is a retired M.P.
*  Hon. P. Shoombe and her late husband were logistically active supporters of the launch of the Armed Struggle at Omugulu_Gwomlashe.
*  She is the Founding Chairperson of JOFKO Trust supporting children early Education and Training
*  Programs for destitute Women.

Dr. Iyambo Indongo
*  Dr Indongo left S.W.A. in October 1962 to study at the KIEV Medical Centre.
*  In 1970 he finished his studies as was elected member of SWAPO Central Committee and it’s Secretary for Health and Welfare on 1st of January 1970.  This post he held until Independence.
*  He then served as SWAPO Secretary for Economy and Social Services until 1991.
*  Then from 1991 until 1995 Dr Indongo served as the Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services.
*  From 1995 until 2005 Dr Indongo served as a special Advisor to the said Ministry and was the Inspector of Hospitals and other Health Facilities and the Physician to the President.
*  He is currently running his own Practice at Grootfontein
*  Apart from being the Director of Naras Investment he serves on the Board of Kuiseb Fishing Enterprises (Pty) Ltd.

Mr U.S. /Gaoseb
*  Director of Business Development
*  Mr U.S. /Gaoseb apart from Naras Investment, is serving on the Board of Kuiseb Fishing Enterprises (Pty) Ltd., Omankete Investment (Pty) Ltd and Trachurus Fishing (Pty) Ltd.
*  He is a BA and Masters Degree holder from the Texas Lutheran University.  He worked until 1994 as Assistant at the parliament Office to the SWAPO Secretary General, the late Hon. Moses Garoeb.